Social Visit

When your child is fearful of going to the dentist and is not cooperative for appointments, we offer what we call, “social visits.”

Social visits let us patiently show your child what to expect when they come to the dentist for cleanings and/or fillings. Social visits allow your child to ask questions, see and touch instruments, and practice using some of the instruments with the dental assistant. This helps us build and gain your child’s trust to get them comfortable with coming to the dentist. 

Reasons for social visits:

  • If your child is afraid of the dentist each time they come, we typically recommend seeing your child every 3 months for a social visit. 
  • If your child needs dental treatment, like fillings, and has never had treatment before we sometimes recommend your child come back within the month for a social visit.
  • If your child needs dental treatment but was apprehensive and nervous throughout their cleaning appointment, we will recommend a social visit for treatment.
  • If your child does not do well for their social visit, there are other treatment recommendations depending on the extent of what your child needs to be completed. Other treatment options will be given to you by a dental provider after their appointment.

Accidents happen.

Whether an accident happens during our normal business hours or not, know that you can call us and have your child treated promptly.

Call our office at 757-703-1923. If it is after hours or on the weekend, one of our doctors or a team member will get back to you.

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